"Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy and its Advanced Technological Applications",
NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Perpignan, France , 21 - 24 September, 2011


Program (Book of Abstracts can be dowloaded here)

21 September

Arrival to Canet-en-Roussillon

16:30 - 18:00  Registration

18:15 - 20:00 Welcome reception


22 September

8:30 -  9:30      Registration

8:45  Welcome           Yu. Kalmykov, F. Kremer

9:00     Rotational and translational diffusion as measured by BDS (Experiment)     (Chair F. Kremer)

9:00  Yuri Feldman,  "Dielectric spectra broadening as the signature of dipole-matrix interaction; Water in complex systems"

9:30  Roland Böhmer, "Relaxation in supercooled alcohols"

10:00 A. Sokolov, “Decoupling phenomena in dynamics of soft materials”

10:30 Coffee break

11:00  R. Nozaki, "High-frequency dielectric response of alcohols between 100 MHz and 2.5 THz"

11:30 F. Ladieu, "Nonlinear susceptibilities of a supercooled liquid close to the glass transition"

12:00 M. Wübbenhorst, "About compensation law, Meyer-Neldel rule and "unphysical" activation parameters"

12:30 Lunch

14:30     Rotational and translational diffusion as measured by BDS (Experiment)     (Chair Yu. Feldman)

14:30 J. Colmenero, "Broadband dielectric spectroscopy: a selective tool for unveiling segmental and chain dynamics in asymmetric polymer blends"

15:00 V. Raicu, "A unitary approach to relaxation and dispersion in fractal networks: From dielectric and mechanical relaxation to distribution of income"

15:30 A. Serghei, "Broadband dielectric spectroscopy: from bulk to attograms of matter"

16:00 Coffee Break

16:30 P. Ben Ishai, "Anomalous diffusion, Cole-Cole relaxations and the space in which they occur: Puzzles and problems"

17:00 Ralph H. Colby, "Electrode Polarization and Dielectric Constant of Single-Ion Conducting Ionomers"


P1. Kisiel Renata et al., Molecular dynamics of MEO2MA hydrogels – influence of network morphology.

P2. C. Iacob et al., Molecular dynamics in confined imidazole liquids.

P3. M. Tress et al., Glassy dynamics of isolated polymer molecules.

P4. M. Makrocka-Rydzyk et al., Molecular motions in PBA/PEO miktoarm star polymers.

P5. K. Wegner et al., Crystallization behavior of amphiphilic PBA/PEO miktoarm star polymers.

P6. M. J. Sanchis et al., Dielectric properties of poly(2-ethoxyethyl methacrylate) membranes.

P7. M. J. Sanchis et al., Comparative study of the dipolar relaxation processes and ionic transport in two methyl succinate compounds.

P8. A. Greenbaum (Gutina) et al., The state of water in confinement near hydrophilic surfaces below the freezing temperature.


23 September

Rotational and translational diffusion as measured by BDS (Theory, Chair V. Raicu)

9:00 R. Hilfer, "Applications and implications of fractional dynamics for dielectric relaxation"

9:30 W. T. Coffey, Yu. P. Kalmykov, and S. V. Titov, "Anomalous dielectric relaxation in the context of the Debye model of noninertial rotational diffusion revisited"

10:00 R. Metzler, "Time averages and breaking of ergodicity in complex systems"

10:30  Coffee break

11:00  R. R. Nigmatullin, I. I. Popov, E. Yu. Koroleva, A. A. Nabereznov,
"The generalized Jonscher's law for conductivity and its realization for porous structures "

11:30 Yu. P. Kalmykov, W.T. Coffey, and S. V. Titov, "Characteristic times of anomalous relaxation processes"

12:00 – 14:00             LUNCH

Rotational and translational diffusion as measured by BDS (Theory, Chair R. Metzler)

14:00 A. Schoenhals, "Molecular dynamics in nanometer confinement"

14:30 L. Trakhtenberg, "Dielectric properties of multifunctional metal-containing nanocomposites: non-phenomenological description"

15:00 M. Sega, "Simulating dielectric spectra for electrolytes and ionic liquids"

15:30 Coffee break

15:50  Panel Discussion

17:30 Poster Session II

P.1. E. U. Mapesa et al., Segmental and chain dynamics in thin layers of cis-polyisoprene.

P.2. M. Jasiurkowska et al., Brodband dielectric and infrared spectroscopy studies on confined liquid crystals.

P.3. J. Suchanicz et al., Dielectric, thermal expansion, and heat capacity behaviour of (1-x)Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-xBaTiO3 single crystals (x=0, 0.025, 0.0325 and 0.05 ).

P.4. R. R. Nigmatullin et al., Log-periodic corrections to the Cole-Cole law.

P.5. B. Vanroy et al., Impact of finite size effects and interfacial interactions on the cold crystallization of poly(ethylene terephthalate).

P.6. V. V. Meriakri et al., Some applications of the millimeter wave spectroscopy.

P.7. B. M. Garin et al., Dielectric properties and applications at millimeter and terahertz ranges of the CVD diamonds of different types.

P.8. I. Ermolina et al., Dielectric Spectroscopy and Thermogravimetric Analysis study of 2-hydroxyethylacrylate-co-2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate hydrogels.

P.9. A. Soualmia et al., Dielectric spectroscopy and response analysis by time domain reflectometry (TDR).

19:00  Conference Dinner

24 September

Molecular dynamics in nano-metric confinement (Chair P. Ben Ishai)

9:00  F. Kremer, "Dielectric relaxation at nano-metric length scale"

9:30  G. Floudas, "Heterogeneous polymer dynamics near Tg by single molecule spectroscopy"

10:00 Coffee break

10:30 S. Napolitano, "The lifetime of the deviations from bulk behavior in polymers confined at the nano-scale"

11:00 J. Sangoro, "Charge transport in confined ionic liquids"

11:30 Final Conclusions

12:00  Lunch


List of participants


1. S. Napolitano, Belgium

2. G. Floudas, Greece

3. R. Hilfer, Germany

4. R. Nozaki, Japan

5. Yu. Feldman, Israel

6. F. Kremer, Germany

7. S. Titov, Russia

8. V. Raicu, USA

9. R. H. Colby, USA

11. P. Ben Ishai,  Israel

12. R. Böhmer, Germany

13. A. Sokolov, USA

14. J. Sangoro, Germany. 

15. W. T. Coffey,  Ireland

16. R. Metzler,  Germany

17. R. R. Nigmatullin,  Russia

18. J. Colmenero, Spain

19. F. Ladieu,  France

20. A. Serghei, France

21. A. Schönhals, Germany

22. L. Trakhtenberg,  Russia

23. M. Sega, Germany

24. M. Wübbenhorst, Belgium

25. B. Garin, Russia

26. E. U. Mapesa, Germany

27. C. G. Iacob, Germany

28. S. Kantorovich, Germany

29. M. Makrocka-Rydzyk, Poland    

30. K. Wegner, Poland

31. M. Tress, Germany

32. M. Jasiurkowska, Germany

33. R. Kisiel, Poland

34. A. Arbe, Spain

35. M. J. Sanchis, Spain

36. V. V. Meriakri, Russia

37. J. Suchanicz, Poland

38. B. Vanroy, Belgium

39. O. Gain, France

40. P.-J. Voisin, France

41. I. Ermolina, UK

42. P.M. Déjardin, France

43. A. Pusenko, Israel

44. A. Greenbaum, Israel